Ohiyo Japan!

Japan was a short but fun trip. this was my first time travelling and its such a pity that I only got to hang in Japan for only 6 days. I wish I could have stayed longer! Anyone would like to sponsor us a trip to Japan to shoot something? Please let us know.

I don’t have much to say about Japan, but only how friendly the people were and how we could learn a thing or two from them. Such courteous people, they were so polite they put me to shame at times.

That was Checkpoint 5 at Mount Fuji, and apparently if you wanted to go higher you needed the right equipment and climbing Mount Fuji ain’t something a slob like me could conquer.

There’s something about Japan, whereby if you take a picture anywhere, its instant art.

At Hakone, checking out the scenery.

See what I mean? I spent a good 30 minutes over here kinda reflecting on what I’ve been doing for the past 3 years, and how YouTube has brought me to a place like this to render me completely speechless. The feeling is surreal.

Akihabara. This place is for those who are big fans of Otaku, if that’s what you call it.

Was invited by this guy to go check out YouTube Space.

and it was great to catch up with Ryan while he was in Japan as well as meet new creators. The YouTube community is just simply a beautiful place to be.

Anyways, I’m not rushing for time and I have to finish a script, but here’s probably one of the silliest pictures I would ever take, in my lifetime.

don’t judge me

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M.Syamsid Dhuha

7 years ago

I hope you come to NUS singapore .. Love your vids

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