G’day Mate!

Hey how’s it going guys? So many things are happening right now and I seriously do not know where to start!

First things first, we just launched our online store and we are selling out latest #OOTD Material T-Shirt so if you’re every in need of an outfit which is #OOTD approved, grab one today! The link to our store is http://www.shoppertise.com/shop/jinnyboyonline

We were recently in Australia for a tour and we would like to thank everyone who worked hard to bring us all the way to Melbourne and Sydney, it was indeed an eye opener for us as we didn’t expect to have any fans from that part of the world, I mean….we’re only Malaysians right, we’re not like…big superstars or anything. But having some of you come our and say hello was indeed humbling, its good because it reminds us why we are doing what we’re doing in the first place, to inspire and bring smiles to all of our viewers.

While in Melbourne we had some of you come up to take pics as well, sorry I had to steal some picture from your instagrams! lol

Here’s a video to show what went down in Sydney! Thanks again for coming out to our first ever showcase in Sydney! Hopefully it wont be our lasts!

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8 years ago

Hey jinnyboy tv I just made a YouTube channel and need help on video ideas my youtube channel is martin ward

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