As Malaysians we can’t help but complain, but sometimes we tend to contradict ourselves, are you guilty of this?
Check out our latest video where three Plain Jane’s have their lives changed when they post a viral video.
College, good times, the lecturers, the assignments and especially
the people, check out our latest vid and see if you can spot
the types of people you have met in college.
We’ve all faced some problems during examination, catch our new video and see if you’ve been through any of these EXAM NIGHTMARES!
Curious to see if that dream girl might be into you? Check our latest video for Valentines day.
The epic Auntie battle, whose son do
you think is better?
Losing weight is on top of almost everyone’s new year resolution but
it is almost impossible with Chinese New Year just around the corner.
Christmas is the season of giving, so here is our gift to our viewers
Merry Christmas Guys!
Jin and Michelle got married in Kota Kinabalu. We would like to share
this very special day with you.
When it comes to buying a condom, a lot of individuals have their different ways of
buying them and trying their best to go under the radar. Here are just some of them

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