Brand New Page!

Hey guys! What’s up! Welcome to our brand new page! I know its been inactive for a while but we’ve finally found some time to give it a lil make over. Hope you like it! Please do let us know what you think about it aight?

Over the next few weeks we will be busy with tours but of course we will not forget you guys! We’ve shot a few films and we will release them very shortly.

Here’s one to share, I’m gonna give you a lil preview, but make sure you wait for the 28th of September alright cause that’s when we will be releasing the video!

Ok that’s it for now! We will be in Melbourne on the 26th of September for the Grand Malaysian Ball and Sydney on the 28th of September for Malaysia Fest 2014! Hope to see you there!

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8 years ago

Looking forward to it :)

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8 years ago

What equipments do you use in your shootings?

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8 years ago

Can you give me ideas on how to make a video on YouTube

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